The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) for Hermanos Paella Ltd

The individual’s Rights

We acknowledge that it is the right of the individual to have access to how we process their personal information and how this information is stored and destroyed. All individuals have the right to be forgotten
We will not pass on any of our client’s details to third parties.


On receipt of this declaration, our clients consent to us only using their private information for the benefit of their own event. As an example, we will pass on a clients name and address for the purpose of delivered equipment where an event is taking place at a private address.

Privacy from Start to Finish

Initially, the client will contact us with their information for obtaining information as well as a quote from us. This information is stored in our computing system for communications during the period that we are in contact. Post event this information will be stored along with individual details of the client’s event (including menu choice, timings, table plans) for up to 1 year. After this time the personal information will be deleted.

Data Portability

Our clients may decide to notify us of change of address, in which case we will store the updated information. However, this is not essential to business and is only required if we need to make contact in reference to a breach of our agreed terms and conditions. We do not store customers bank or payment details.


We acknowledge that there will be penalties if we breach any of the statements above. This could be up to 4% of our annual turnover.