Frequently Asked Questions

You should find answers below to any questions you might have about your booking. If you still have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be very happy to assist.

To secure a date, we ask for a £300 non-refundable booking deposit. If you need to change the date, we will transfer the booking deposit to another date within the same year subject to availability. The deposit is deducted from your final payment.

We typically setup our paella pans outside under our own gazebos which we provide. For this, we require at least 4 x 8 metres of flat solid ground.

It depends on the exact menu we will be providing and the location, but we typically arrive at least 4 hours before your paella service time. It takes roughly 1 hour to setup and we cook the paellas from scratch over 3 hours.

Your guests will come up to the pans to be served paella by our team and help themselves to salad and bread. For 100 guests this would take roughly 20 minutes, if there is a steady stream of people. We suggest that someone (e.g. an usher) coordinate tables to come up one-by-one to keep things moving well.

We suggest allowing at least 1 hour for paella service, allowing people time to come back for seconds.

We will leave any leftovers in compostable take-away boxes for you to keep, which we suggest you put in the fridge immediately.

We are not VAT registered so the price we give you is final. There are no additional costs.

Unfortunately not. We currently have no scheduled shows to invite you along to, nor are we offering tasting sessions.

If one is available, we usually appreciate use of it but it’s not essential.

Yes. Unless your venue has a suitable arrangement for leaving waste, we will take this waste away with us.

Yes. We’re very careful to ensure that your last guests to come and be served have as much choice as the first ones. We try not to over-serve people on the first round to reduce waste and leave enough for anyone to come back for seconds (and often thirds!). Any more leftovers we will box up in takeaway trays and leave for you.

1 week before your event. At this time we will also ask you to confirm your final numbers.

‘Hermanos’ is Spanish for ‘brothers’ or ‘siblings’, but unfortunately none of us are. The name is actually a homage to a very popular TV series during the 2010’s. If you know what it is, then please tell us; we’ll be very impressed and give you extra prawns.